What the Market Is Saying at the BDA Whitehall Event In London Today, Anna Parrish – Big Data Marketing Leader UKI.

While IOD is in top gear in the US, the UK team have been taking part in the Big Data Analytics Conference in London.  So what have the delegates been talking to the IBM team about in the UK?  Well, clearly the focus has changed from a year ago – most organisations seem to have an understanding of what Big Data is about and are now trying to understand how to apply it.

More importantly, all the delegates we’re talking to – regardless of where they sit in the business – are trying to understand how Big Data can help solve business problems and drive business improvement.

At the same time, there is still a lot of basic fact finding going on.  Companies know they need to start harnessing the power of Big Data Analytics to remain competitive.  What they don’t necessarily know is what that looks like in terms of technology solutions.  Many people are talking about future proofing and scalability – and there is a strong desire to consider a platform solution rather than solving a single business issue with a single application and risk future legacy.

Given all that, our seminar on the five Big Data use cases was particularly well attended.  Our go to market approach is resonating – talking about the real-world applications of these technologies, backed up with customer examples is exactly what the market wants to hear about.  Our participation in events such as BDA, make sure we’re right where companies are looking and we were excited to learn more about early stage projects of the type that were being brought to our attention on the stand today.