Do you know if your Wi-Fi hot spot is genuine?

Whitehall Media arrange many events that are designed to share information about the technology which is shaping our future. We believe in creating opportunities to invite all the top companies involved in Big Data Analytics (BDA), Identity Management (IDM), Software Defining Networking (SDN), Enterprise Mobility & Mobile Device Management (EM&MDM), Public Sector Enterprise ICT (PSEICT) and Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualisation (ECCV) to meet with like-minded companies and discuss how we manage the issues surrounding managing data, devices and identities.

One definitive fact all companies have in common, irrelevant of how big or small, is they all store and use data. This could be detrimentally damaging if this data ends up being accessed by someone who isn’t authorised to view it.

Let’s look at personal data, some smaller companies believe that because they may not deal with customers, that they don’t need to abide by regulations regarding security of personal data. However, all businesses will store information about employees; there is always a risk of this information ending up in the wrong hands which could result in a large lawsuit. Most business will have on their systems information such as:-

  • Names and Addresses.
  • Data from sales and marketing facts and figures.
  • Maybe plans and designs that need to be kept confidential.
  • Business and personal bank details.
  • Date of birth and other personal information.

If you have partnership businesses or working with another company, it is highly probably you will be exchanging data and files and folders. You are trusting that the exchange and housing of data will stay secure, but is it?

We all access Wi-Fi networks at work, home, Hotels, MacDonald’s even Costa coffee! There is always a risk that your pass words can be captured by cyber criminals. If someone gets access, these criminals can use your personal information and even pose as you to colleagues and other business to obtain further information.

Do you know if you Wi-Fi hot spot is genuine? Cyber criminals don’t just use legitimate Wi-Fi networks they will actually create fake Wi-Fi hotspots. Then will basically sit and wait to sniff out passwords to access data.

We don’t only house data on Computers; we house it on a variety of mobile devices. The more devices we have, the weaker the security can be.

Is your business fully aware of the potential threats and also the possible solutions for managing data, devices and identities?

Our sponsors at these events will be able to offer and discuss solutions which are best for your company. Attend one of our conferences and listen the speakers. You can come armed with a list of questions that can be addresses in the Q&A session, or talk directly to individual companies as well as other delegates.


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