ETU Appliance makes UK launch at Big Data Analytics 2013.

ETU will launch their dedicated Hadoop Appliance at Big Data Analytics 2013 in partnership with GNR Corporation. Etu is a product designed for running Hadoop jobs that enable enterprises to process Big Data on the same cluster scale with a five times the performance performance compared to traditional self-installed appliances. The Etu Appliance from GNR Corporation is a high-performance product offering large enterprises a simple and efficient way to access big data which is totally scalable.

The Etu Appliance boasts ease of set up, speed of set up, reliability and performance as the four cornerstones of the product in the Hadoop system. The product was designed for the world of Big Data, in response to the question: “how does one get the full benefit of an emphasized multi-tenancy in cloud computing?” Imagine achieving the goal of authenticating and authorizing different users and applications to access segmented data.

Compared to a general Hadoop platform the etu appliance has many advantages to enhance and simplify the Hadoop experience. ETU has a specialised and dedicated High performance operating system built for the entire Hadoop ecosystem. Etu OS is specifically tailored for Hadoop big data clusters, and is the key for optimising operational effectiveness with simplified deployment and management.

ETU simply allows enterprises to have more confidence in the application of Big Data, with a company that has built a dedicated appliance and OS, thus setting a new benchmark for the reliability of a Hadoop system.