Can You Be 100% Sure That You’ve Not Been Cyber-Attacked Already?

The general consensus from most of the sponsor’s speakers and delegates attending our conferences is the evident and shortage of skilled security experts within all sectors.

This is alarming as it is highly apparent that cybercrime and attacks on high-profile targets have become prolific, this in effect is forcing organisations to review and increase cybersecurity related budgets in 2014. In most budgets planning meetings now, cyber security and data and identity management is in the forefront of budget figures. Businesses are having to rethink traditional approaches to cyber security management. This is including staff training and development within the IT departments, ensure there are enough skilled works to manage these platforms and systems.

The ever expanding adoption of BYOD policies is causing; Big Data and cloud solutions both in-house and third Party to rise. It is suggested that the enterprise will develop and implement hybrid cybersecurity-management models that have the ability to combine capabilities such as identity management, security analytics and cyber intelligence, as well as governance, risk and compliance. The dilemma is that there is a lack of awareness in society , for those of us in the industry we think about cyber security, but unfortunately our children, neighbours, family even some of our colleagues don’t acknowledge the seriousness surrounding the need to be ‘cyber security aware’.

But let’s back track and review what exactly Cybersecurity Risk Management (CRM) is?

This is the process of managing (reducing) potentially harmful uncertain events due to the lack of effective cybersecurity.

There are a few key methods for managing cybersecurity risk and these include:

  • The efficient use of resources.
  • Internal controls.
  • Information sharing.
  • Technical improvements.
  • Behavioural/ organisational improvements.
  • Cybersecurity insurance.

As a business, you need to discuss the best methods of assessing your cyber risk and combating the threats. There are instances where organisations have lost masses of data, had identity theft or had money embezzled; All because they had realised that they IT system had been compromised. Whilst you are reading this can you be 100% sure that you have not got hackers already inside your systems?

You need to conduct scans Conduct scans/penetration tests to identify weaknesses in your defences

Put in place an appropriate cyber security best practice framework (e.g. ISO27001/ISO27002, PAS 555, HM Government 10-Step Cyber Security Plan).

Expanding technology is resulting in ever increasing risks you can gain information on all these areas at our up and coming events from Whitehall Media. Contact us on t: 0161 830 2142 f: 0161 830 2196