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Whitehall Media’s annual GOVSEC conference is shortlisted as ‘Best Free to Attend’ event by the prestigious Conference Awards 2017

Manchester UK, 19 May 2017 – Whitehall Media are pleased to announce that their annual GOVSEC conference has been shortlisted as ‘best free to attend’ conference by the upcoming Conference Awards which is set to take place on 30 June, 2017 at Tobacco Quay in London.

Whitehall Media’s GOVSEC conference, founded in 2014, is geared around enabling government to function effectively, safely and securely through improved IT, information and infrastructural security.

The all-day conference explores how public sector organisations and professionals can make sense of securing their functions in a rapidly changing environment. The event attracts up to 500 delegates every year, belonging to the cyber and information security professions, to discuss the threat landscape, ways to detect and defeat threats, and best practice on the approaches required to protect critical national systems and networks.

The event attracts delegates and speakers from across the breadth of the public sector – central government, local government, university sector, health authorities, devolved governments and emergency services.

Held annually, GOVSEC allows delegates to benefit from keynotes from senior thought leaders and security practitioners, understand how the risk landscape affects them and their organisation, gain practical knowledge about the latest tools and technologies to help them support the delivery of their business objectives, gain expert advice on specific security challenges and stay up to date with the latest insights in the InfoSec space.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, Waqas Hashemi, CEO of Whitehall Media, commented:

“We are pleased to be shortlisted as a finalist by the Conference Awards, which recognises excellence in quality of research, content, creativity and delegate experience. Our GOVSEC conference has consistently attracted high ratings from delegates owing to the importance of the subject matter for government to function safely in an interconnected world.

“The government routinely deters and defends against scores of cyber-attacks often targeting sensitive information held by public sector institutions. There has, in recent months, been an upswing in ransomware attacks.

“Only last week we held our 4th annual GOVSEC event which brought together hundreds of security practitioners from across government. Two days later, the WannaCry ransomware attack hit hospitals and GP surgeries in England and Scotland with crippling consequences.  

“The challenges faced by those working in government security teams are significant: they are open to the same information security threats as their counterparts in the private sector but subject to greater standards than their peers, while also not benefitting from agility of response or use of new innovations owing to budgetary constraints. Our conference offers an unrivalled platform for policymakers, practitioners and those in the vendor community to network, share and find practicable solutions to real-world security challenges.”

The winner of the ‘Best Free to Attend’ Conference Award is set to be announced on 30 June 2017.

Whitehall Media announces the launch of its flagship enterprise-focused InfoSec event in Dubai

Manchester, UK – January 2017 – Whitehall Media is excited to announce the launch of its first ever Enterprise Security and Risk Management (ESRM) event in Dubai, set to take place on 11 October 2017 at the Conrad Hotel.

The prestigious conference is set to attract hundreds of delegates from large enterprise organisations across the MENA region. Industry experts and thought leaders will deliver practical case studies, interactive seminar sessions, panel discussions and keynote presentations. The all-day event will share best practice, map the latest trends and technologies, identify new frontiers and opportunities, discuss ways to transform InfoSec into an actionable and critical business resource and elaborate on how effective risk management can add value to the enterprise – all with a view to helping delegates stay ahead of the curve.

ICT spending in the Middle East topped $200 billion in 2016 as organisations across the region increasingly embraced digital transformation initiatives in a bid to streamline their costs and bolster their agility. The UAE has emerged as a trailblazer in its adoption of the most disruptive and advanced technologies as it looks to diversify its economy, make businesses more efficient, and government more responsive. The drive to make innovation a cornerstone of growth has led to an acceleration in the adoption of the latest state-of-the-art technologies, and a growing consciousness about the importance of cyber security especially as Dubai evolves to be among the top smart cities in the world.

Many enterprises are facing serious challenges around skills, preparedness and response, and in establishing a consistent threat intelligence and risk management regimen that deters breaches and attacks. The UAE government is responding to these challenges through a wide variety of initiatives designed to bolster resilience and counter the growth in cybercrime.

Waqas Hashemi, founder and CEO of Whitehall Media, commented:

“Concerns around security are particularly relevant to the UAE as it is a global hub of trade and investment. As the country transitions towards digital and brings its smart city agenda to life, it must address security concerns in a rapidly changing and hyper-connected business environment.

“More data and greater connectivity means porous perimeters and increased exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks. Breaches have been growing across all key sectors like financial services, oil and gas, retail, construction and healthcare. One survey showed that as many as a third of UAE firms were hit by data breaches in the last year alone, and half of those surveyed were unaware they had been breached.

“Our event will bring together senior decision-makers and practitioners to discuss how companies can bolster their defences and resilience by implementing more advanced techniques, tools and technologies to counter growing cyber risks. With hundreds of delegates in attendance, Whitehall Media will provide a high level platform for discussion on how organisations can better protect and safeguard their critical data assets and how technology can help to solve strategic security issues.”

ESRM Dubai is a sister event to ESRM UK, being held for the seventh time in April 2017, and ESRM Europe, being held in the Netherlands for the second time in March 2017.

About Whitehall Media: 

Founded in 2006, Whitehall Media has a ten year track record in organising successful large-scale events for large enterprise organisations in both the UK and Europe on a wide variety of topics including big data analytics, cyber security, government reform and innovation, identity and access management, mobile device management and software defined networking. The company specialises in creating events that merge solution buyers and sellers in an innovative and strategic business exchange. Every year its events attract up to 10,000 senior IT and business leaders from across every major business sector. A full calendar of events can be found at www.whitehallmedia.co.uk/future-events/