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Cyber is Third Most Likely Global Risk

Shift-Left on Application Security Using Smart Software Design Techniques


Whitehall Media to return to Dubai for second annual Enterprise Security and Risk Management Conference

Manchester UK, January 2018 – Following on from their successful launch in Dubai last year, Whitehall Media are set to return to the UAE for their second annual Enterprise Security and Risk Management conference. The conference will be held on 17 April 2018 at the Conrad Hotel.

The mass adoption of connected digital technologies by enterprises across the Middle East, along with major regional events like the Dubai Expo 2020, are catalysing huge investments in the cyber security domain. Whitehall Media’s one-day event will discuss how organisations can develop resilience in their people, processes and technologies to defend against risks and vulnerabilities, and deter cyber-attacks.

Chaired by the Editor of CNME, the event will bring together hundreds of InfoSec professionals to discuss key tenets of Dubai’s Cyber Security Strategy, the cyber risk landscape in 2018, how the digital ecosystem can be secured with next-generation security stratagems and technologies, the risks associated with emerging technologies, addressing the cyber security skills gap, and how organisations can transition from protection to prevention.

Ahead of the event, Waqas Hashemi who is CEO of Whitehall Media, said:

“Dubai is a roaring success story. In just a few years it has transformed itself into a major tech and innovation hub. The technology ecosystem is growing here and with the permeation of disruptive tech like Blockchain and AI, much of this growth holds a lot of promise. But while these technologies are opening up new pathways and opportunities, they also come with increased cyber risks and the need for more awareness and security measures.

“We are excited to be returning to Dubai for our second ESRM event. Whitehall Media have always been strong proponents of a holistic approach to risk and information security. Information systems are now intimately woven into an organisation’s processes and security programmes have to reflect this in how they approach the threat landscape. Our event will showcase the very best tools, techniques, and technologies to help enterprises improve their security posture. We’re looking forward to welcome hundreds of professionals from across the MENA region.”

Whitehall Media’s annual GOVSEC conference wins Bronze Conference Award


July 2017 – Whitehall Media are pleased to announce that their annual GOVSEC conference has won a Bronze Award in the Conference Awards’ ‘best free to attend’ conference category.

Judges at the Conference Awards remarked that GOVSEC had ‘good customer feedback, innovative sponsorships’, was ‘a success on the day’ and offered ‘good focus and approach to attract the hard to get SME sector.’

Founded in 2014, GOVSEC is geared around enabling government to function effectively, safely and securely through improved IT, information and infrastructural security.

The all-day conference explores how public sector organisations and professionals can make sense of securing their functions in a rapidly changing environment. The event attracts up to 500 delegates every year, belonging to the cyber and information security professionals, to discuss the threat landscape, ways to detect and defeat threats, and best practice on the approaches required to protect critical national systems and networks.

The conference, now in its fourth year, allows delegates to benefit from keynotes from senior thought leaders and security practitioners, understand how the risk landscape affects them and their organisation, gain practical knowledge about the latest tools and technologies to help them support the delivery of their business objectives, gain expert advice on specific security challenges and stay up to date with the latest insights in the InfoSec space.

Welcoming the news, Waqas Hashemi, CEO of Whitehall Media said:

“Our GOVSEC conference has consistently attracted high ratings from delegates owing to the importance of the subject matter for government to function safely in an interconnected world.

“The government routinely deters and defends against scores of cyber-attacks often targeting sensitive information held by public sector institutions. There has, in recent months, been an upswing in ransomware attacks.

“Our conference offers an unrivalled platform for policymakers, practitioners and those in the vendor community to network, share and find practicable solutions to real-world security challenges.”